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Indications with the Lava™ System

Single Crowns

Splinted Crowns

3-unit Bridges1

4-unit Bridges1

5-unit Bridges1

6-unit Bridges1

Cantilever Bridges2

Inlay Bridges and Onlay Bridges3
(excluded for patients with bruxism)

Maryland Bridges3
(excluded for patients with bruxism)


Lava Zirconia for implant abutments and (PDF, 964KB)


1 3 - 6 unit bridges with a maximum of two bridge units next to one another in the posterior area and a maximum of four bridge units next to one another in the anterior area.
2 with a maximum of 1 pendant at the position of a premolar or incisor (cantilever bridges are not approved for use in patients with bruxism)
3 Tests have proven: Lava™ zirconia shows a sufficient strength for this indication. However, this type of indication overall can have a higher failure risk due to de-cementation and secondary caries regardless of manufacturer. Please refer to national and regional dental associations for more information.

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