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Protemp™ 4 Temporisation Material

Protemp™ 4 Temporisation Material

Whether shaken or stirred, it stays tough.



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& Benefits

Protemp™ 4 Temporisation Material – The innovative advancement of a successful product.

Protemp™ 4 Temporisation MaterialWith Protemp™ 4 Temporisation Material 3M ESPE has set another milestone in temporary crown and bridge materials. 3M ESPE has applied its expertise in nanotechnology to create the first bis-acrylic composite with a new generation of sophisticated fillers. The result is unparalleled achievements in strength, handling and aesthetics.

The Protemp™ Temporisation Family – The top-of-the-class solution in temporaries.

Protemp™ Crown Temporisation MaterialWith Protemp™ 4 Temporisation Material and Protemp™ Crown Temporisation Material, – the world´s first, malleable and light-curable composite crown for single-unit temporaries – 3M ESPE now offers a complete line of temporisation materials.

Product benefits

  • Reliably tough temporaries due to highest fracture resistance and better abrasion stability – also suitable for long-term temporisation.
  • Patient-pleasing aesthetics and a comfortable fit through a smooth surface, natural shine and fluorescence, high colour stability. Easy plaque removal to support gingival health.
  • Easier and faster handling and fabrication due to the reduced smear layer and gloss without polishing or glazing.


  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Inlays and onlays
  • Veneers
  • Long-term temporaries

The tougher temporisation material that's easier to handle, too
Protemp™ 4 Temporisation Material:
Unique in the market with a string of unparalleled features

Protemp™ 4 Temporisation Material

Reliably strong temporaries through record-breaking toughness.
In vitro tests prove Protemp™ 4 Temporisation Material to be tougher than all other leading automix bis-acrylic temporisation materials. Read more about reliably tough temporaries.

Splendid aesthetics and improved patient comfort.
Your patients will enjoy the natural-looking polish, the smooth feel and the high overall wearing comfort of a temporary made with Protemp 4 temporisation material. Read more about patient-pleasing aesthetics.

A faster procedure and brilliant results without polishing or glazing
With easy-to-use Protemp™ 4 Temporisation Material you will experience a more convenient and even more time-saving procedure. Read more.

What dentists are saying
"The four single temporary crowns which I inserted until now, were so easily done. Even individualization with thin margin survived excellently to the wearing time of 7 – 14 days. Also at removal, this thin margin did not crack as it usually happens with other materials." - Dr. Riedl. Read more.

Item No. Product Information
46963 Protemp™ Plus Temporization Material Introductory Kit – A2
1 cartridge – 50 ml, A2; 16 Garant™ Mixing Tips, blue; 1 Garant™ Dispenser 10:1, technique card, instructions
46959 Protemp™ 4 Temporisation Material Refill – Bleach
1 cartridge – 50 ml, Bleach; 16 Garant™ Mixing Tips, blue; instructions
46954 Protemp™ 4 Temporisation Material Refill – A1
1 cartridge – 50 ml, A1; 16 Garant™ Mixing Tips, blue; instructions
46956 Protemp™ 4 Temporisation Material Refill – A2
1 cartridge – 50 ml, A2; 16 Garant™ Mixing Tips, blue; instructions
46957 Protemp™ 4 Temporisation Material Refill – A3
1 cartridge – 50 ml, A3; 16 Garant™ Mixing Tips, blue; instructions
46960 Protemp™ 4 Temporisation Material Refill – B3
1 cartridge – 50 ml, B3; 16 Garant™ Mixing Tips, blue; instructions
50600 Protemp™ Crown Temporization Material Intro Kit
42 Temporary Crowns; Crown Size Tools (2 bags of 10); instructions; Crown Drawer; Crown Drawer Labels Temporary Crown Sizes: 6× Molar Upper Large, 6× Molar Upper Small, 6× Molar Lower Large, 6× Molar Lower Small; 4× Bicuspid (Premolar) Upper Large, 4× Bicuspid (Premolar) Upper Small, 4× Bicuspid (Premolar) Lower; 3× Cuspid (Canine) Large, 3× Cuspid (Canine) Small

Protemp™ 4 shades match from 3M ESPE. For high-precision preliminary impressions we recommend Position™ Penta™ (Quick) VPS Alginate Replacement and the single-use Position™ Tray from 3M ESPE.

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