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Rocatec™ Universal Bonding System

Rocatec™ Universal Bonding System



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The Rocatec Universal Bonding System is a procedure that uses impact energy (without heat) to apply a silicate coating to a target surface. This system has been well tested worldwide and is proven to ensure a stable, gap-free bond between the coated surface and the applied veneering material.

Improving productivity requires the right materials. The Rocatec universal bonding system is a chemical adhesive system for indirect procedures. It uses micro-mechanical and chemical bonding to bond composite to metal, ceramic and composite with no separation of materials. The Rocatec Jr. blasting module is small, lightweight and requires no electrical hookup.

This is a stand-alone unit that consists primarily of a containment bowl, an air regulator, a foot control and a blasting pencil that fits right inside the armhole of your regular sandblaster. The used Rocatec material is collected with the other lab abrasive and simply discarded.

System components:

  • The blast module
  • 3 (3 kg) pouches of Rocatec™ Plus coating material
  • 1 8ml bottle of ESPE™-SIL silane

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Rocatec™ Pre Sandblasting Material
Rocatec™-Plus Sandblasting Material
Rocatec™-Soft Sandblasting Material

Rocatec™-Pre Sandblasting Material 110µm
Special high-purity aluminum oxide, an abrasive mineral, pretreats the metal framework to clean and activate the surface and to standardize the surface roughness.

Rocatec™-Plus Sandblasting Material 110µm

  • Specially formulated and modified with silica for creating the first adhesive layer on the indirect restoration.
  • Particle components are melted on the surface due to their high impact energy and are retentively anchored.
  • Material becomes visible as a color layer when applied and can therefore be controlled directly and visually.

Rocatec™-Soft Sandblasting Material
With only 30 µm grain modified with silica, this bonding material ensures a gentle, very careful method of coating in special cases of extremely thin framework edges or ceramic constructions.

ESPE-SIL creates a silane layer on the silicate coated surface and produces a chemical bond with the opaquer (e.g., Sinfony™ Indirect Lab Composite opaquer) and the veneering material (e.g., Sinfony™ Indirect Lab Composite).

Rocatec™ Tip

These tips are specifically engineered to help create the pressure necessary for proper Rocatec materials application (2.8 bar or 40.61 PSI).

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