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RelyX™ Veneer Cement


Overview Features and

RelyX™ Veneer Cement is a veneer cement system with a customer-preferred delivery and color match system that’s easy to use and easy to clean up. RelyX™ Veneer Cement provides simple and efficient bonding of porcelain, composite and ceramic veneers. Combined with the 3M™ ESPE™ RelyX™ Veneer Try-In Paste, the cement can help simplify veneer procedures.

Customer-preferred delivery and shading system is easy to use.

Try-in pastes are water soluble and residue-free and offer excellent color match to the final cured cement for better patient satisfaction.

Translucent shade 3M™ ESPE™ RelyX™ Veneer Try-In Paste compared to similar competitive products: Calibra™ Esthetic Resin Cement, Variolink® II Esthetic Cementation System, Nexus™ Universal Luting System.

Easy to clean up.

Ideal, non-slump cement viscosity prevents veneer drift and is easy to dispense, apply and seat.

RelyX veneer cement's excellent adhesion to dentin and enamel reduces the potential for microleakage and marginal staining.

Light-cure only, resin-based cement provides exceptional color stability. Additionally, the cement cures with a wide range of light sources.

Available in six commonly known and preferred shades: Translucent, B0.5/White, White Opaque, A1/Light Yellow, A3 Opaque/Yellow Opaque, and A5 Opaque/Dark.

To order
Contact your authorized 3M ESPE dental distributor.

Calibra is a trademark of Dentsply/Caulk. Nexus is a registered trademark of Kerr. Variolink is a trademark of Ivoclar/Vivadent

Item No. Product Information
  RelyX™ Veneer
7612IP RelyX™ Veneer Cement Introductory Pack
Introductory Kit:
1 x 3g Translucent Veneer Cement syringe,
1 x 2g Translucent Try-in Paste syringe,
1 x 6mL Single Bond,
1 x 5mL RelyX Ceramic Primer
7612 RelyX™ Veneer Cement Kit
Kit contains:
5 x RelyX Veneer Cement syringes in shades
- A1/Light Yellow,
A3 Opaque/Yellow Opaque, White Opaque,
5 x RelyX Veneer Try-in Paste syringes
- A1/Light Yellow Opaque,
White Opaque,
  RelyX™ Veneer Cement Refills Translucent
Includes 1 – 3g syringe of RelyX Veneer cement and instructions.
7614TRT Translucent
7614A3 A3 Opaque/Yellow Opaque
7614WO White Opaque
7614A5 A5 Opaque/Dark
7614A1 A1/Light Yellow
7614B0.5 B0.5/White
  RelyX™ Try-In Paste Refills
Refills include 1 – 2g syringe of RelyX Try-In paste and instructions.
7614TRT Translucent
7614A3T A3 Opaque/Yellow Opaque
7614WOT White Opaque
7614A5T A5 Opaque/Dark
7614A1T A1/Light Yellow
7614B0.5T B0.5/White
2721 RelyX™ Ceramic Primer Refill
Includes 1 – 5ml vial. RelyX ceramic primer is a prehydrolyzed silane-based primer, designed to enhance bonds to porcelain, ceramic, precured composite and metal surfaces.

*Includes etchant tips, brush handles, fiber tips, disposable mix wells, bendable brushes, disposable applicator brush tips, fiber tip applicators, illustrated technique guides and instructions for use.

**Product can be ordered individually.

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