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Site Safety

Site Safety

On site Protection

3M Mining and Metallurgy Solutions knows site safety can save lives

3M Mining and Metallurgy Solutions understands the complexity of creating a safe mine environment and can offer a wide range of products to address site safety issues at various points throughout a mine site.

Mine sites are remote, extreme and dangerous locations. Safety issues cause drastic impacts on a mining company, from worker injuries and lowered morale to damages to the organization's reputation and license to operate. Mining companies have to consider environmental risk avoidance, vehicle collision avoidance, and regulatory compliance when making decisions about how to ensure safe operations.

Product Feature

Diamond Grade™ Linear Delineation System

3M™ Diamond Grade™ Linear Delineation System

Panels made with 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Reflective Sheeting laminated to thin gauge aluminum for the linear reflectorization of concrete barriers and metal guardrails. 50 panels per carton.

3M™ Safety Stripe Tape

3M™ Safety-Walk™ Slip-Resistant

Extra-large mineral particles and more durable construction provide additional slip resistance in the most extreme conditions.

Fire Protection

Fire Protection

3M provides Fire Protection products and systems designed to help prevent the spread of fire, smoke and noxious gases.

Product Rating

3M™ Noise Indicator NI-100

3M™ Noise Indicator

The NI-100 noise indicator alerts you when noises in an area reach potentially hazardous levels. The noise indicator’s small size and lightweight design make it ideal for workers in a variety of industries. With a rechargeable battery that operates for up to 200 hours between charges, it’s an economical investment in your hearing conservation program.