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Victory Series™ Buccal Tubes

Victory Series™ Funneled Buccal Tubes

Funneled Buccal Tubes

Victory Series funneled 1st molar tubes are ideal to use with any of our braces Appliances Systems. Archwire engagement is enhanced with the wide opening entry way, and the tubes feature the MBT™ System prescription.

Features include:

  • Smooth radiused design to improve overall patient comfort and facilitate better oral hygiene
  • Funneled archwire entry way for ease of wire insertion
  • Low profile that helps reduce occlusal interference
  • Contoured base design for excellent fit and bond strength
  • Adjustable low profile hook to help with patient comfort
  • Side gripping notches for ease of handling and placement
  • Distal notch for ease of ligation
  • An alignment seating notch intented for more accurate placement

All of these features plus you can choose the advantages of the APC™ Adhesive Coated Appliance System or specify uncoated tubes.

Victory Series™ Buccal Tubes

Our compact, technically advanced Victory Series™ Buccal Tubes include a patented, trouble-free integral convertible cap that converts easily and consistently. All you have to do is lift and peel. This cap also offers solid, one-piece construction, eliminating the possibility of braze or solder materials that can leave a residue in the archwire slot. Victory Series buccal tubes are designed with funneled and radiused entries on both the headgear tube and archwire slot, resulting in easy archwire insertion which can reduce patient chair time. Smooth, patient-friendly hooks for improved patient comfort. Along with its strong construction, low-profile design and distal notch that secures tie backs provides you with plenty of benefits.

Victory Series™ Buccal Tubes, MBT™ Rx

Buccal Tubes, MBT™ Rx
Utilising segmented arch mechanics no longer means patient discomfort due to bulky, multiple archwire buccal tubes.

Fully contoured, smooth corners and sides and a smooth round hook, along with a lower tie-wing profile, seeks greater patient comfort. At the same time, you'll be pleased with easy ligation and archwire insertion due to features like beveled and contoured mesial and distal notches and an expanded mesial funnel entry.

Victory Series™ Mini Tube

Mini Tube
It's no small challenge treating partially erupted 2nd molars - especially when the teeth have only a small amount of exposed crown surface for bonding, a less than ideal condition when bonding with traditional direct bond tubes.

The Victory Series™ Mini Tube has a mesially-extended, compound contoured, micro-etched bonding base that allows for excellent fit and bond strength. The Mini Tube is designed with a short, low profile hook that aims to enhance patient comfort. The design also incorporates a seating notch that will allow easy and more accurate placement of the buccal tube.