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Victory Series™ Molar Bonding Base

The Victory Series™ molar bonding base aims to help you achieve a stronger, more consistent bond in every case. Looking closely at its profile and you will see a curved anatomical design for optimal tube-to-tooth fit and a buccal indent that naturally conforms to the surface of the molar, making it easy to correctly position the buccal tube.

The micro-etched 80 gauge mesh, along with the buccal indent and the correct anatomical fit, are designed to significantly increased bond strength and are available with APC™ Adhesive Coating. The buccal indent assists in more accurate tube positioning, a key advantage that can eliminate the need for time-consuming archwire adjustments. Victory Series molar bonding base, also seeks to eliminate concerns about tooth separation for placement of bands. For added convenience, two different sizes accommodate a wide array of buccal attachments.