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Victory Series™ Bands

Narrow Contoured Molar BandVictory Series Micro-Etched Bands are made from strong, seamless material that resists buckling. Bands are available in multiple sizes and in regular and hard tempers to meet your unique treatment requirements.

Victory Series™ Micro-Etched Bands feature an inside surface uniformly etched to create a more retentive bonding surface and aim to provide significantly increased bond strength over non-etched bands. Used with either our Unitek™ Multi-Cure Glass Ionomer Band Cement or Transbond™ Plus Light Cure Band Adhesive, they should therefore provide greater band retention. Ultimately creating fewer loose bands to re-seat, which would therefore result in an overall increase in office productivity.

The Victory Series™ Narrow Contoured Molar Band has narrow occlusal/gingival dimensions for optimal application and unsurpassed band-to-tooth adaption. You can also order them with or without our prewelded buccal tubes. Available with or without micro-etching.