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Unitek™ Beta III Titanium Archwire

Efficiency and ease of use are the key when you choose Unitek™ Beta III Titanium Archwire. Known in the industry as the "happy medium" between nickel titanium and stainless steel, Beta III Titanium is a powerful addition to your wire progression.

Unitek Beta III Titanium offers a greater than fifty percent increase in fatigue resistance. Quite simply, 3M Unitek wires seeks to provide a strong wire that is less likely to break during formation or activation.

Polishing the wire surface during the manufacturing process has resulted in a smoother finish for improved sliding mechanics, enabling you to complete treatment swiftly.

The same quality standards for Unitek™ Nitinol Heat-Activated archwire have been applied to Unitek Beta III Titanium archwire. Tight corner radii specifications during your finishing stages allow you to take maximum advantage of the prescription built into your appliance system.