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What goes on in orthodontic treatment?

That's simple enough: Orthodontic treatment corrects misalignments of the teeth and jaws. Here we tell you what steps go into it.

The treatment

Taking an impression

Bite into this, please! An impression of your teeth is made before treatment.

3D image 3D image

3D image

So the orthodontist can tell exactly what sort of tooth misalignment you have, he takes an impression of your top and bottom jaw. You bite into a mould filled with silicon. Next, they create plaster models and 3D images from these impressions in a dental laboratory.

From the plaster impression to a 3D picture

When the plaster model of your jaw is finished, a dental technician saws the plaster teeth out. He does this to wax them up so he can see how your teeth will look at the end of the treatment. The dental technician makes an exact 3D digital scan of this wax-up. This is the template for how your brackets and wires need shaping, so they can move your teeth to the right place.

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