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The treatment

End of treatment and aftercare

Happy Endind

Nearly through: The last steps to a happy ending!

If your teeth are positioned right and you no longer need braces, your orthodontist takes the glued-on braces off. This is easy to do and doesn't hurt at all. Then various polishers will take care of the last traces of glue left on your teeth. No fear: This doesn't hurt either. Following this, you can't spot the brackets!

Straight teeth – end of treatment?

Nearly: To stop your teeth from moving back to their old place (which may happen), your orthodontist may sometimes give you a retainer that you wear like braces. But don't be afraid, if it is a fixed retainer it will be fixed on the tongue side of your teeth, so nobody will see it. How long you need to wear this retainer varies. Your orthodontist can tell you.

Our tip:

If you think again that your braces aren't cool, just remember how great your teeth will look later.

Let's present: the retainer

A retainer looks like removable braces and is much less noticeable than things like metal braces. Retainers vary, for example you can get them as positioners, deep drawing splints or as lingual retainers fixed to teeth. Your orthodontist will tell you what retainer to use.

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Success story with braces