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Braces, as normal as wearing jeans?

Nearly every other teen wears them, more and more grown-ups wear them and even your favorite stars: Braces are as normal to wear as jeans these days. So, you can just laugh back at people who tease brace-wearers, can't you?

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Nutrition tips

Hip, hip, hooray! Nutrition tips for brace-wearers

Nutrition tips

The good news: You don't need to skimp on your favourite dishes, even with braces! The next tips and, of course, your orthodontist will stop you from doing anything wrong in the nutrition area …

Not just for softies: soft dishes are kind to your braces

Soft dishes like poultry, seafood, soups, stews or pasta save your braces from unnecessary endurance tests.

Preferably small pieces

Cut harder food (such as steak, pizza or crusty bread) into little pieces to be able to chew it better. That's also better for your braces.

Sticky - not for me!

Take care with sticky or hard food such as nuts, caramel or chewing gum: They can damage your braces and aren't easy to remove when you clean your teeth.

The less sugar, the better.

Foods rich in sugar (such as lemonades, chocolate or dried fruit) can attack your enamel. Having a snack is sometimes OK, as long as you brush your braces and teeth after.

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