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Step by step toward successful treatments

Through orthodontic treatment, your children can have the misalignment of their teeth and jaws corrected. Here we clarify what steps lead to a perfect smile.

Treatment concept

Inserting the braces

How braces are attached to the teeth

The time has come: The treatment concept is ready, the braces have been prepared and they can now be placed.

Preparing tooth surfaces Preparing tooth surfaces

Preparing tooth surfaces

1) Before the orthodontist can fasten the braces onto your child's teeth, they must clean them with special brushes and polishers.

2) Then they roughen the tooth surface with a special gel to make the brace adhesive adhere to it.

Attaching bracket Attaching bracket

Attaching the brace

3) As soon as the tooth surfaces have been prepared, the braces are stuck to the teeth using positioning instruments and a special adhesive.

4) The special glue will, in most cases, be cured with a special light for 3-5 seconds for every brace. Then the orthodontist fixes the part of the system which actually makes the dental correction to the braces: an archwire.

Rubber bands Rubber bands

Rubber bands

5) Rubber ligatures (little rubber bands) are placed around each brace to prevent the archwire from slipping. Self-ligating brace systems such as Clarity™ SL Ceramic Braces retain the archwire using a clip system which makes rubber bands redundant.

6) After inserting and fastening the archwire, your child's appliance system is ready to work.

The first day with braces

It takes rather longer to insert the braces, but it doesn't hurt. Slight pain or an unpleasant feeling of pressure can occur in the first few days after insertion. This is totally normal as your child's mouth has to adapt to the foreign body. If the symptoms do not fade or they become too disagreeable, contact your child's orthodontist.

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