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Victory Series™

Free your smile with 3M Unitek!

3M Unitek offers highly efficient and aesthetic brace systems to ensure permanent orthodontic correction. Your orthodontist will be pleased to help you in creating an ideal treatment concept for your child.

Victory Series™

Low Profile Braces

Solutions for Braces

Victory Series™ Low Profile Braces

Victory Series™ Braces are smaller than others.

Metal brackets are still the most common type for teens and youngsters. Quite logical, because they are robust and effective. What's best: Unlike before, Victory Series Braces are harder to see because they're smaller.

Victory Series™ Metal Braces Victory Series™ Metal Braces

Victory Series™ Metal Braces

Really small and flat metal braces

Really tiny: Unlike earlier metal braces you might have worn in the past, Victory Series braces are much smaller and flatter.

Feel good in your mouth

Because they're so small and flat, your kid almost can't tell they're in their mouth. The less they feel them, the better, right?

Easy to clean

Yet another benefit of really small metal braces: Cleaning is of paramount importance. So you have no stress with your kid with daily brushing.

Work just as well as big metal braces

Even if they are a bit smaller, these braces work just as fast and well as big metal ones. But with one special difference, they're tiny and so less noticeable.

Really strong

Not at all sensitive: Victory Series™ braces are made of special sturdy metal. So they can also stand some knocks and don't break so fast. Playing sports is not a big deal with them!

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