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3M Unitek is not offering these types of appliances due to several reasons, e.g. the discipline, the risk of losing the appliance and the flexibility.

Solutions for Braces

Removable appliances

Removable appliances

Other than fixed appliances, removable appliances can be removed by your child during the treatment. This could be neccessary if the treatment plan indicates wearing them only a few hours per day. Different types of removable appliances are available, such as metal ones or so called clear aligners. 3M Unitek is not offering these types of appliances for several reasons.


You know your child. Discipline is sometimes not easy. Same for wearing removable appliances. Wearing the appliance as indicated by the orthodontist is absolutely important to not prolong treatment time. But can you control this all the time? Your kid may be distracted, especially during school hours.

Risk of losing the appliance

As it is removable and when taking out to be stored in a box, the risk of losing the appliance is high. Besides prolonging treatment time, this might have a negative financial impact as you have to pay for a new appliance.


Some removable appliances are manufactured at the start of treatment for the entire treatment period. Other than with fixed appliances, where the orthodontist always have the chance to adjust the system, adjustments are not possible with some appliances.

Hard to speak

In some cases the speech will be different.

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