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Step by step to a successful outcome.

Misalignments of the teeth and jaws can be corrected in the long-term through orthodontic treatment. Here we tell you what steps underlie a perfect smile.

Treatment concept

Follow-up appointments

Indispensable for treatment success: regular follow-up appointments

Now your involvement is key! For your orthodontic treatment to conclude with straight teeth and a happy smile, your active cooperation is required. This means regular follow-up appointments with your orthodontist in addition to optimum dental hygiene.

During these appointments the previous progress and success are checked and, if need be, the archwires of your fixed braces are changed. Here the change is especially fast with self-ligating brackets with clip mechanism because the orthodontist has no rubber ligatures to replace.

What can happen if I miss appointments?

If intervals between appointments are too long, the braces may over-correct your teeth. In the worst case it can even exacerbate your tooth misalignment.

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