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Free your smile with 3M Unitek!

3M Unitek offers highly efficient and aesthetic brace systems to ensure permanent dental correction. Your orthodontist will be pleased to help in creating an ideal treatment concept for you.

Clarity™ SL

Self-Ligating Appliance System

Solutions for braces

Clarity™ SL Self-Ligating Braces

Clarity™ SL Braces: Self-ligating for that certain plus as to wearing comfort and efficiency

Clarity™ SL Ceramic Braces are self-ligating. Here we don't use the rubber ligatures that the archwires are normally attached with. In contrast, the many benefits accompanying the Clarity™ SL Clip System, are indispensable: The braces are unobtrusive, support easy dental hygiene, and a nice and efficient tooth movement.

Clarity™ SL Braces Clarity™ SL Braces

Clarity™ SL Braces

Almost invisible

Clarity™ SL Braces are made of transparent high-tech ceramics. They let your natural tooth colour shine through and are hardly visible in your mouth.

Easy dental hygiene

A clean solution: Self-ligating ceramic braces simplify the cleaning of teeth and braces because they make do without rubber ligatures.

High wearing comfort

Why Clarity™ SL Braces should really be called FeelGood Braces? Maybe because they have particularly smooth rounded edges. Or because they move your teeth most gently. Make up your own mind!

Short treatment appointments

The wires of the Clarity™ SL Braces are held by a clever and unique clip system. This way, your orthodontist can change the wires faster and you may spend less time in the orthodontist's chair.

Fast and effective

The special design of the Clarity™ SL Braces helps to move your teeth fast and efficiently into the proper position.

Well tolerated

Clarity™ SL Ceramic Braces have a high biocompatibility. If you are allergic to nickel or chrome, you should discuss whether to use Clarity™ SL Braces with your orthodontist.

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