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You still have a few questions? This is where you can find key information and facts on all aspects of orthodontic therapy.

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Reimbursement of costs

Will the health insurance company meet my medical expenses?

Your health insurer only shares in the costs of your orthodontic therapy if there is an adequate medical diagnosis of seriously misaligned teeth. This is taken to mean a jaw or tooth misalignment which considerably impairs chewing, biting, speech or breathing and treatment for which will be begun before the age of 19. The law states that treatment has to be "adequate, appropriate and economical.” This only permits the use of standard materials and so does not meet therapeutic methods with innovative materials as they currently are. The use of advanced, aesthetic techniques and materials, exceeding this basic provision will not be refunded by your health insurer. The costs for these additional services must be met by you.

Do you any have more questions on reimbursement of costs? Your health insurer or orthodontist will be pleased to help.

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