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You still have a few questions? This is where you can find key information and facts on all aspects of orthodontic therapy.

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Nutrition tips for brace-wearers

The good news: You do not have to forgo your favourite dishes, even with braces! The following tips will help you to do everything right on nutritional matters …

Switch to soft food

Soft dishes, such as poultry, seafood, soups, stews or pasta save your braces from unnecessary endurance tests.

Preferably morsels

Cut harder food (such as steak, pizza or crusty bread) into small pieces so as to be able to chew it better. The same also applies to fresh fruit and vegetables.

Sticky - not for me!

Take care with sticky or hard food such as nuts, caramel or chewing gum: They can damage your braces and cannot easily be removed when cleaning your teeth.

The less sugar, the better

Foods containing a lot of sugar such as lemonades, chocolate etc. attack enamel and during therapy should have the lowest priority in your food plan. If you cannot resist some sugar-sweet temptation, you should brush your braces and teeth thoroughly afterwards.

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