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In Harmony with Your Smile

It doesn't matter whether you laugh, talk, chew or yawn: Your jaw is constantly moving - together with a series of sinews, muscles and joints. Therefore a misaligned tooth affects much more than "just" the teeth themselves.



What is underbite?

Illustration underbite Illustration underbite

Illustration underbite

Underbite is a misalignment of the teeth which occurs rather rarely. As opposed to overbite, in cases of underbite the lower row of teeth protrudes beyond the upper row. In other words: The lower jaw protrudes too far in relation to the upper jaw.

Underbite - possible consequences

Apart from aesthetic criteria, underbite can impair normal front tooth function and cause wear and tear to the teeth. Difficulty talking, chewing problems, your lower lip jutting forward and chronic throat inflammation can also be the result of underbite.

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