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In Harmony with Your Smile

It doesn't matter whether you laugh, talk, chew or yawn: Your jaw is constantly moving - together with a series of sinews, muscles and joints. Therefore a misaligned tooth affects much more than "just" the teeth themselves.


Anatomy of a smile

Whether in your professional or private life: A beautiful smile makes you feel self-assured and works real wonders in many situations. Discover here what elements make for a beautiful smile!

Anatomy of a smile

1) At the heart of each smile: the incisors.

The upper and lower jaw each contain two middle and two lateral incisors. Incisors are perfectly designed for biting off pieces of food. They also play an important role in smiling: The more we show them in smiling, the younger we seem.

2) Healthy gums hold your teeth securely.

You can tell healthy gums by their pale pink colour and by the fact that they fill the interdental spaces almost completely. If too much gingiva is showing when you smile, dentists call it a "gummy smile."

3) The smile line of the lower lip is vital for an attractive smile.

The parallel course of the upper incisor edges to the lower lip is termed the smile line. If your smile line is positive, your teeth follow parallel to the swing of your lower lip. Such a smile comes over as friendly and harmonious.

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