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Outside Plant products for FTTx projects

Outside Plant products for FTTx projects

3M Telecommunications offers a wide range of protection products, cable cleaning and visual network marking products suitable for use in FTTx networks.

With 3M’s proven mechanical sealing technology, all 3M fibre optic closures are suitable for applications within FTTx networks such as track (backbone), spur (branch) or distribution points. Outdoor fibre optic distribution boxes are also available for the "last mile" applications.

3M offers cable cleaning kits for filled fibre optic cables which allow more effective and easier installation of fibre splices and closures.

Using durable and long lasting 3M labelling and marking products, all outside plant products can easily be identified.

3M Telecommunications supplies:

Fibre Optic Closures.

2179-CS Closure
Small size (up to 48 fibres), compact and easy to install closure. Especially suitable for end point distribution applications. Fully mechanical, excellent protection performance with easy re-entry into the fibre splices. This closure accepts fusion splices (with shrink protectors or crimp protectors) as well as Fibrlok mechanical splices. Suitable for both underground (subterranean) and aerial splice protection.

BPEO Closure
Fully mechanical closure with unique latching mechanism. Three different sizes, suitable for all application areas. Single Fibre (Single Circuit) compatible. 3M’s innovative "ECAM" cable sealing system makes it easier and faster to prepare cable entries, including the strain relief fixing, without disturbing the existing hardware in the closure. Tool free re-entry of the latching mechanism permits fast re-access into the splices. BPEO Closures accept fusion splices (with single fibre shrink protectors or ribbon fibre shrink protectors or crimp protectors) as well as Fibrlok mechanical splices. The BPEO can be used for hybrid installations accommodating splitters, pigtails and couplings. Sutiable for both underground (subterranean) and aerial splice protection.

SLIC Fibre Closure
Mechanical, tool-less, free breathing closure. Developed for aerial terminal applications.

Filled Cable Cleaning Kits

4413, 4414 & 4415
Special chemical cleaning material for removing the protective filling in cables. 3M Filled Cable Cleaning Kits are the quick and reliable way of removing cable filling ensuring efficient and clean preparation of cable for splicing and closure installation.

Visual Identification Products

3M Scotchlite 5005
Scotchlite 5005 series marking kits offer all possible numbering and lettering combinations. With high performance self-sticking adhesive backing, Scotchlite 5005 labels are durable in any exterior or interior condition. Can be used to mark any point of an FTTx Outside Plant installation, such as closures, cabinets or boxes.

Outdoor Fibre Optic Distribution Boxes

strong>3M BA Boxes
For the last point distribution of an FTTx network, the BA box allows up to 12 or 24 optical fibres to be spliced and patched into customer premises. With IP55 protection, BA boxes are suitable for outdoor installation. BA boxes are equipped with a splice tray, coupling plate, couplings and pigtails. Due to the flexible construction of the BA box a variety of different coupling/pigtail combinations can be accommodated.

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