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3M™ Volition™ Class EA / Category 6A Cabling System

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 3M&trade; Volition&trade; Class E<sub>A</sub> / Category 6A Cabling System

In less than 10 years, the speed of local area networks (LAN) has gone from less than 10 Mb/s to several Gigabits per second. Market specialists foresee LAN requirements accelerating and a progression in bandwidth of horizontal cabling, traditionally on copper cables.

The 10 Gigabit Ethernet standard* (10GBASE-T) for twisted pair copper cabling is a now a reality. The new revisions of international standards** on cabling systems ISO/IEC 11801 and TIA/EIA 568B respectively define Class EA and Category 6A cabling which both offer a bandwidth of 500 MHz.

These developments mean that companies are now able to put in place a high-speed fibre optic backbone and migrate towards higher speed copper cabling in the horizontal. Many LAN administrators plan to install high performance copper cabling systems which make it possible to support both present and future applications. Also Class EA / Category 6A cabling is increasingly used in data centres where higher speeds are essential. Volition Network Solutions from 3M comply fully and economically with the advances in copper cabling standards.

10 Gigabit per second copper cabling technologies

The IEEE 802.3an group chose a maximum frequency of 500 MHz which doubles the frequency range of the original Category 6/Class E which is specified up to 250 MHz. The IEEE group also defined a new electrical parameter for the channel which is "alien cross talk" (AXT). AXT is all the electrical noise created on a cable or an RJ45 jack by neighbouring cables and jacks. The number one interference in 10GBASE-T is AXT, the effects of which disturb not only the cables, particularly in the cable routes, but also the RJ45 jacks, especially in patching racks where there are many adjacent links.

Volition Class EA / Category 6A Solution

Volition Class EA / Category 6A is designed for Class EA and Category 6A on twisted copper pairs in compliance with the most recent ISO/IEC and TIA standards for Channel and Permanent Link configurations. The Volition Class EA / Category 6A Solution is differentiated by the unequalled reduction of the effects of AXT over the entire channel. The solution is comprised of a complete range of new RJ45 jacks, twisted pair copper cables, 19" patch panels and RJ45 patch cables. The Volition Class EA / Category 6A solution fully meets the requirements of a 10 Gb/s local area network infrastructure.

3M™ Volition™ Class EA / Category 6A Cabling System - Brochure, PDF 1.26MB

* Applications: IEEE 802.3an 10GBASE-T
** Reference standards: ISO/IEC 11801 Class EA; TIA 568B.2-10 Category 6A