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 3M Telecommunications Product Catalogue for Europe Solutions for Access Networks 2. Solutions for Outside Plant Copper Splicing 3M™ MS²™ Splice Modules and Accessories

Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly format 3M™ MS²™ Components and Accessories

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4039 3M™ MS²™ Marking Pen
The 4039 Marking Pen is used for permanent marking of 3M™ MS²™ Modules for easy identification at a later date.

4005-DPM/TR Super Mate Pluggable Module 3M™ MS²™ Super Mate Module Dry Transparent 4005-DPM/TR
The assemblies consist of 24 AWG, PIC, unsheathed 25-pair binder group terminated on each end with a 4005-DPM Module. It enables quick restoration of cut cable and is available in 91,4 cm (36") and 182,9 cm (72") lengths with transparent covers.
36" 12 each ( 4005-DPM/TR/36PTJ)
72" 12 each ( 4005-DPM/TR/72PTJ)

4005-DPM/BTP Bottom Test Plug
( 4005-DPM/BTP)
A test plug assembly consisting of a 4005-DPM Module attached by a 60.9 cm (24") jumper to a module designed to plug into the bottom of a Super-Mini module. This assembly enables re-entry into any Super-Mini/Super Mate combination splice without interruption of service.

3M™ MS2™ Half-Tap Cover 4078-C Half-Tap Cover
The 4078-C Half-Tap Cover is used to protect wire ends after the half-tap has been cut out of the 3M™ MS²™ Super-Mini 4008 Half-Tap Module in pulp/paper and pressurized PIC cable and vault splices.

4004-D/TR Super-Mini Mod. Base Super-Mini Module Base
( 4004-D/TR)
The 4004-D/TR Super-Mini Module Base is identical to the 4004-D Super-Mini Module Base with the exception that it is smoked transparent.

4003D/TR Supermini Module Cover Super-Mini Module Cover
( 4003-D/TR)
The 4003-D/TR Super-Mini Module Cover is identical to the 4003-D Cover with the exception that it is clear to allow for the visual inspection of conductors