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 3M Telecommunications Product Catalogue for Europe Solutions for Access Networks 2. Solutions for Outside Plant Copper Splicing 3M™ MS²™ Modular Splicing Rigs & Equipment

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4045 Universal Splicing Head Support Assembly 3M™ Universal Splicing Head Support Assembly 4045-SHSA
The 4045 Universal Splicing head Support Assembly is designed to hold an MS²™ Splicing Head so it can be used in all applications.

4035-A Aerial Strand Clamp Aerial Strand Clamp
A 4035-A Strand Clamp is designed to hold a 4041-P Splicing Head in aerial splicing applications. Anchored to the suspension strand, the aerial strand clamp, clamps behind and below the splice bundle and can be used with strands from 5mm (3/16") diameter to 10 mm (3/8").

4030 Air/Hydraulic Crimping Unit Air/Hydraulic Crimping Unit
( 4030)
The 4030 Air/Hydraulic Crimping Unit is designed for use with an air or nitrogen supply. An air cylinder or compressor with output pressure of 5.37kg/cm 21 (90-100 PSI) must be used. The unit is either hand oroperated.

4052-T In-head Tester Check Comb Check Comb 4052
The check comb eliminates wiring errors by double-checking tip and ring placement prior to crimping and to insulate pairs when using the in-head tester without a cover.

4053 Cover Removal Tool Cover Removal Tool 4053
The 4053 Cover Remote Tool is recommended for removing either bases or covers from 25-pair Super-Mini and Super Mate Modules.

4036-25 Hand Crimper
The 4036 Hand/Hydraulic Crimper is a self-contained, pistol-gripped crimper designed to crimp MS²™ Modules in the 4041 Splicing Head.

4270_A Hand Presser 4270-A
The 4270-A presser is used to plug up to seven Super Mate Modules together.

4031 Hand/Hydraulic Crimping Unit Hand/Hydraulic Crimping Unit
( 4031)
The 4031 Hand Crimping Unit is lightweight and hand-operated. When the correct crimping pressure is reached, a bypass valve opens.

4051 MS²™ Super Mini Module Wire Insert and Cutoff Tool 4051
The 4051 tool is used on MS²™ Modules to replace conductors back into the module.

4047 Pair Test Plug 4047
The 4047 Pair Test Plug is a probe which permits pair contact without damaging wire insulation. The prongs fit into the test entry port and the adjustable clamp allows for attachment to any MS^2™ module.

4028 Rubbermaid™ Rig Case Rubbermaid Rig Case
Copper Splicing Rig Accessory ( 4028)
66 x 29.2 x 28.2 cm (26 x 11.5 x 11.1")
Cube: 9.8 kg. (21.7 lbs.)
Ctn. size:67.1 x 30 x
58.4 cm (26.4 x 11.8 x 23")

9753 Pm Septool 63 Separation Tool ( 9753-PM)
International shipments only, source of supply - 3M Germany.

4053_PM Separation Tool 4053-PM
The only recommended tool to separate MS²™ Super Mate 4005-DPM/TR Modules from any other module. Note: The 4053 Cover Removal Tool cannot be used with DPM Modules.

4041-P Splicing Head and ""T"" Bar Spice Head and "T" Bar
( 4041-P)
Additional Splicing Head and "T" Bar support for use with the MS²™ System.

4041 Splice Head
The 4041 Splicing Head is the standard MS^2™ Splicing Head without any support components.

4040 Splicing Head Assembly Splicing Head Assembly
This assembly contains a splicing head, a pedestal, a traverse clamp assembly with a long bar, and a head clamp for use with two man fold-back splicing.