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 3M Telecommunications Product Catalogue for Europe Solutions for Enterprise Networks 3. Copper Cabling Systems Cross Connection Blocks

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3M™ Quante™ SID™-C Switching Module for 8 Pair [click to enlarge]
With the SID product family 3M is setting the standards for high density IDC termination combined with improved handling. The main applications are in telecommunications and data networks. The SID insulation displacement contacts are enclosed by the plastic housing of the module. This improves the insulation performance and helps in providing a safe working practice.

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3M™ Quante™ SID™ Test Cord SID™ Accessories for testing

79397-519 00 SID™ Accessories

79126-512 00 SID™ Protection for overvoltage solutions

79103-577 30 SID™-C 8xabs Category 5e modules
The SID disconnection module consists of 24 Insulation Displacement Contacts (IDC) with disconnection facility. The contacts are arranged in abs triples in order to accommodate 8 triples of a and b wires with drain wire.

79101-553 35 SID™-C High-density system
3M™ SID-C connection and disconnection modules (8 and 10 pair) for mounting on individual profile FlexiRail and backmount frame. SID-C are available in the following different types:
• Connection module 8 and 10 pair, printing black
• Disconnection module 8 and 10 pair, printing green

79101-571 00 SID™-CD 10 & 20-pair connection & disconnection strips
SID-CD the handy screw-on solution with DIN mounting dimensions of 96 mm for 8/10 pair or 170 mm for 20 pair.

79101-591 00 SID™-CT Compact top model for all standard backmount frames
The modified fixing system offers the possibility to use all standard backmount frames with only one type of module. Therefore SID-C backmount frames with a pitch of 17.5mm, as well as, LSA-PLUS backmount frames with a pitch of 22.5mm are suitable for the SID-CT module. Due to the slim design of the module SID-CT offers nearly twice as much jumpering space between two modules.