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    • Bernard Moerman Headshot
    • Bernard Moerman
      General Manager
    • Ann Dusauchoit Headshot
    • Ann Dusauchoit
      Operations Supervisor
    • Frank Boeckx Headshot
    • Frank Boeckx
      Director Sportif
    • Ronald Faas Headshot
    • Ronald Faas
      Team Liaison at 3M
    • Thierry Fevery Headshot
    • Thierry Fevery
      Director Sportif - Scout
    • Tim Lacroix Headshot
    • Tim Lacroix
      Director Sportif

    Sustainable Cycling

    Cycling is a wonderful sport and a healthy activity. It is also fun and exciting to watch. At Team3M, we like to take a fresh look at things. Innovation has been a core value of our sponsor from the start. We would not pretend that we can turnaround issues in the cycling sport by ourselves. But we can show leadership with our approach, set a trend and a good example. This hopefully leads to a chain reaction.

    Sponsorship is Partnership

    In the past - but often still at present - sponsorship came down to transferring an amount of money in exchange for a print of the company logo on the shirts of the team - in any sport. Our philosophy is different. We want to work together to achieve the best possible result. 3M will not interfere in the sportive management. That is what they leave to the experts at Cycling Center. But on many other topics surrounding the sports team, 3M acts like a real partner. 3M is a large and strong organization with expertise in many areas. So for example in marketing and communications, they add value in this collaboration.

    Innovation as a magic word

    Perhaps more important, is the innovative strength. 3M has 46 technology platforms, which they use for product development. R&D people of 3M will work with the team to find specific technical solutions. For Team3M, for the cycling sport and for cyclist in general.

    Business Conduct

    3M follows strict standards when it comes to ethical behavior. They have an extensive business conduct. Stepping into the cycling world, means entering into an area that is in heavy weather. Team3M thinks that the risks are minimal if we stick to our principles around zero-tolerance and our medical ethical statute that we already apply for more than a decade.



    3M is a global innovation company that never stops inventing. Over the years, our innovations have improved daily life for hundreds of millions of people all over the world.


    Ridley Bikes

    A place where children can ride a bicycle before they can even walk, and where everyone comes outside to see a cycling race passing by, that is Belgium. That is where Ridley Bikes was born.


    LAZER Helmets

    Protection through innovation



    Bioracer is passion. Each of us has a passion for cycling, for innovation, for customer satisfaction.

    Other suppliers