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Hi-Five: A background interview with Sports Director David Philips

 David Philips

The Sports Director of Team3M interviewed

1. Hi David, How is life for a ‘Directeur Sportif’?

David Philips I am very delighted as the sports director of Team3M. I already have 10 years of experience, and it still remains incredibly fun at this level to be able to sit behind the wheel. Especially competitions 1.1 and 2.1 are a huge challenge.

2. What are the main differences with previous years?

The difference lies mainly in the sponsor.
You really feel that 3M wants to participate as a multinational, and that is exactly the little extra I did not have in the previous teams.
My job as sports director remains the same as during the previous years, but the main difference is that, besides SpiderTech, I can now function among the big boys.
It is great to be able to sit next to Wilfried Peeters and Eric Zabel during a briefing ...

3. Which element turned out more positive than expected?

The cyclists of course, we had never dared to think that we could assemble such a strong team. Individually we are a very strong team, they all have some experience already and have won races in previous years.
Now it's my job to get them to ride for each other.

4. What is on the top of your list for improvements?

David Philips That we all still have to grow closer towards each other, sometimes you feel that we still are not well attuned to each other, but that is normal.
Look at Omega Pharma - Quick Step, they all thought too soon that they would win races with Cavendish, but when the sprint comes, the train gets derailed. Well, we still have the same problem, with both cyclists and staff, but it is a matter of hard work and speaking the same language, within a few weeks / months this will be perfect.

5. When would you call the 2013 season a success?

It is easy to say, we would like to win 10 races, from which 1 on the stand in a 1.1 race.
For me, the season would be successful if we can consistently ride the final in a 1.1-race, if we appear on television and hope for a place on the leader board. It should certainly be possible to win a couple of 1.2 races, and we continue to work hard.
I am convinced that our boys are able to do that , and we have already proven so. Who would have thought that in De Panne, Pino Cerami, Paris Camembert, we would come on television and still ride top 20?