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Energy storage technologies & systems

What to do with excess energy?

In order to expand the use of wind and solar power in the grid, it is essential to increase the current capacity of electricity storage facilities and develop systems to deal with excess power created due to weather conditions, but not needed immediately. Solutions such as large pump storage power plants will take on major energy-economic importance, because they make electricity from renewable energy sources available when it is actually needed. The principle is simple: from a reservoir, water is pumped using excess power to a higher ground pool. When energy is needed, the water is drained and driven through a turbine in the valley to generate electricity. This type of energy storage is considered safe, convenient and environmentally friendly.

New ways of storing energy

New technologies are also in the pipeline to meet future demand for electricity storage. In addition to compressed air and hydrogen storage, de-centralised battery storage solutions, such as electric car batteries, are also in development.

Developing Smart Grids in conjunction with ICT systems will ensure the optimal networking of all market participants and integrate solutions such as storing excess electricity in cars.

Energy storage

Innovative solutions for battery storage systems

The urgently needed expansion of electricity storage systems is supported by 3M’s development of innovative products and materials. The diversified technology company supplies components for battery solutions – from primary and secondary cell production to the integration of the battery system. These include special adhesive tapes for sealing battery cases, materials for anodes, cathodes and electrolytes and thermally conductive pads that effectively transfer heat from the battery or between the cell and heat sink.

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3M™ Battery Materials

3M has collaborated extensively with universities, government research organizations and customers as a supplier of lithium ion battery materials for more than 15 years. Add to that experience a portfolio of more than 40 core technologies – including nanotechnology, adhesive, precision coating, fluoromaterials and more. You can see why battery manufacturers around the world depend on 3M for the advanced materials they need to build new and better batteries.

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