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Smart home systems & solutions

Climate-friendly living

Smart homes means the networking and centralised control of a budget with the aim of reducing energy consumption and utilising renewable energy. With the networking of an entire building’s equipment and electronic devices, this may also increase comfort and safety. Smart home systems include controlling whether windows and doors are closed and regulating light and climate. The system also controls consumer electronics and the cost-effective use of household appliances.

Smart Building

Using energy more efficiently

Electronic meters, or smart meters, are an important element of the network. Smart meters provide a bidirectional communication interface as their main role and can also deliver accurate information on current consumption levels and receive and analyse information on tariffs.

For example, electricity customers could find it more economical to turn on electrical appliances when there are strong winds as the additional electricity generated would make it more cost-effective. Smart meters could also provide a reliable and dynamic interaction between the producer and the consumer to ensure that the network is not overloaded during heavy simultaneous use.

Solutions for a variety of challenges

The modular system of the smart home is not only very complex, but consists of many inter-disciplinary areas that include 3M innovations and core technologies. These include materials and components for power management, information technology, telecommunications, consumer electronics and home automation. 3M tinting film for windows also contributes to increased energy efficiency.

Smart Home solutions can also be extended to cities, with the goal of creating virtually CO² -free cities. Therefore, future energy supplies have to be strong on savings and renewable energy. With this in mind, 3M is working on energy-efficient innovations and is a member of the corporate network "Universal Home", collaborating with a number of universities and institutes.

Further Product Information:


3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid

Fire can break out anywhere, at any time. That’s why thousands of fire protection professionals around the world like you rely on 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid to keep computer rooms, control centers, document storage vaults, substations, wind turbines and other essential facilities safely up and running.

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3M™ Novec™ Cooling

3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids, nonflammable and non-corrosive, offer an outstanding balance of heat transfer efficiency, low environmental impact and worker safety. Because of this, these inert cooling fluids are widely used for thermal management.

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3M™ Multi-Touch Displays

40 finger multi-touch input with palm rejection capability enables engaging single and multiple user interaction

Fast 10 millisecond touch response (up to 20 touches) creates a natural, intuitive and responsive interface

Anti-stiction surface enhances the user experience for simple and advanced gestures

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Fibre Closure & Connectors

Fibre optic & Copper products to build communication network for Energy network

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3M™ Window Films

3M™ Window Films

3M is a leading manufacturer of sun control window films. Energy costs typically represent 30% of a building’s annual budget. Rising energy bills and the introduction of carbon reduction targets, have focused building owners on finding ways to reduce their energy bills.

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