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3M Window Films - Manage energy costs & improve occupant comfort


3M is a leading manufacturer of sun control window films. 3M’s extensive range includes Prestige, Night Vision and Low-Emissivity films that can help to reduce your energy bills.

3M Sun Control Window Films can be applied to windows in offices, schools, hospitals, Govt. Buildings, homes, in fact, anywhere there are windows, in order to overcome the problems associated with solar heat gain. Energy costs typically represent 30% of a building’s annual budget. Rising energy bills and the introduction of carbon reduction targets, have focused building owners on finding ways to reduce their energy bills.

Window Solar Control

Use 3M window films to achieve objectives and solve problems connected with the heat and rays of the sun.

Energy conservation

Window Solar Control

Heating, air conditioning, blinds and lighting can have a significantly impact on a buildings total running costs, especially with power and heating cost seemingly rising every year. Solar heat gain in the summer can increase the thermal load of a building up to 60%. Effective use of 3M solar control film can reduce solar heat gain by up to 77% and significantly reduce dependency on air conditioning, heating, blinds and lighting as well as contribute to more efficient temperature control.

Increased comfort

Window Solar Control

Sunlight and heat can make keeping a building comfortable a difficult job. 3M solar control films reduce the heat of the sun resulting in greater occupant comfort. The ideal working environment is neither too hot nor too cold, with the optimum use of natural lighting. For each degree above 23ºC, the level of productivity is measurably reduced by as much as 5%! 3M solar control film will allow you to create the optimal, comfortable environment.

Fade reduction

Window Solar Control

Ultra violet light is largely responsible for the fading of colours and degeneration of many materials. While no film can stop fading completely, 3M solar control film reduces the damaging rays by up to 99.9% and can therefore substantially slow down the fading process. 3M solar control films can also be extremely useful in protecting displays in shop windows, galleries, and furniture, prolonging the life and vibrancy of your assets.

Glare and reflection reduction

Window Solar Control

Working at a computer or watching a screen with light on the surface is frustrating. By significantly reducing glare, 3M solar control film reduces eyestrain. Also because the use of metal is avoided in many of our films altogether, the film is barely visible when applied and has no unwanted internal or external reflection (up to 1% less reflectance than un-filmed glass) leaving appearances unchanged leaving the building and views inside and out as attractive as they were before.

Product Literature

3M Window Films

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