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3M™ PELTOR™ Listen Only Headsets

High Attenuation Headset Listen Only
High Attenuation Headset Listen Only
High-attenuating shells with optimised acoustic design and excellent space for the ears for the best possible sound quality and comfort. Available in Mono, or in Stereo with a volume level limiter equivalent to 82 dB(A) sound level.
  • Available with a number of different connectors.
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11 Results (Displaying results 1-11)
3M Product NumberMarketplace Formal NameConnection TypeHearing Protection StyleAttenuation rating (SNR)
HTB79A3M™ PELTOR™ Listen-Only Headset (Stereo) HTB79A¼" stereo connector, 230 ohmHeadband25 Decibel  
HTB79F3M™ PELTOR™ Listen-Only Headset (Stereo) HTB79F¼" stereo connector, 230 ohmFoldable/Over the head33 Decibel  
HTM79A3M™ PELTOR™ Listen Only Headset (Mono) HTM79A3.5mm stereo connector, 230 ohmHeadband33 Decibel  
HTM79A-033M™ PELTOR™ Listen Only Headset (Mono) HTM79A-032.5mm mono connector, 230 ohmHeadband33 Decibel  
HTM79A-213M™ PELTOR™ Listen Only Headset (Mono) HTM79A-213.5mm mono plugHeadband33 Decibel  
HTM79A-233M™ PELTOR™ Listen Only Headset (Mono) HTM79A-23¼" mono connector, 32 ohmHeadband33 Decibel  
HTM79B-033M™ PELTOR™ Listen Only Headset (Mono) HTM79B-032.5mm mono connector, 230 ohmNeckband33 Decibel  
HTM79B-073M™ PELTOR™ Listen Only Headset (Mono) HTM79B-076.3mm mono connector, 8 ohmFoldable/Over the head33 Decibel  
HTM79P3E3M™ PELTOR™ Listen Only Headset (Mono) HTM79P3E3.5mm mono connector, 230 ohmHelmet Mounted32 Decibel  
HTM79P3E-033M™ PELTOR™ Listen Only Headset (Mono) HTM79P3E-032.5mm mono connector, 230 ohmHelmet Mounted23 Decibel  
HTM79P3E-343M™ PELTOR™ Listen Only Headset (Mono) HTM79P3E-34Mono MotorolaHelmet Mounted32 Decibel  
11 Results (Displaying results 1-11)


Attenuation rating (HML)H=33 M=32 L=24, H=33 M=31 L=23
Attenuation rating (SNR)25 Decibel, 32 Decibel, 23 Decibel, 33 Decibel
Communication TypeExternal Audio Input
Connection Type¼" stereo connector, 230 ohm, 3.5mm stereo connector, 230 ohm, 6.3mm mono connector, 8 ohm, 3.5mm mono connector, 230 ohm, Mono Motorola, 3.5mm mono plug, ¼" mono connector, 32 ohm, 2.5mm mono connector, 230 ohm
FeaturesLevel Dependent Function, High Attenuation
Hearing Protection StyleNeckband, Helmet Mounted, Headband, Foldable/Over the head
Net Weight290 g, 320 g, 275 g
Product SeriesListen Only
Product TypeCommunications Headsets
Recommended ApplicationFacility Maintenance, Electrical, Remediation, Machine Operations, Demolition, Assembly
Standards/ApprovalsCE Approved
User TypeIndustry

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