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Electromagnetic Technology

University of Aberdeen

How does Electromagnetic (EM) Technology work?

A metallic strip is hidden inside the book or affixed to the CD/DVD. The strip can be activated or deactivated during check-in or checkout. If an item that has not been desensitised is taken through a detection system it will cause the system to alarm.

Why choose EM technology?

EM strips are discretely hidden and are therefore resistant to tampering and difficult to remove. The detection rate of EM is more reliable than other security technologies, as it is less affected by environmental and human factors for example it is unable to be shielded by the human body.

Providing the highest level of security, electromagnetic systems are the preferred choice for libraries with high value collections.

Why use 3M™ Tattle-Tape™ security strips?

  • Industry leading detection rates.
  • Ensures accuracy and reduces false alarms.
  • No damage is done to audio-visual material.
  • Inserted easily and quickly.

3M offer a range of EM circulation accessories allowing efficient desensitising and resensitising of materials.

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Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips and Applicators

Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips and Applicators

Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips and Applicators

Used by more libraries than all other security strips combined, 3M™ Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips offer the ultimate in discreet protection for your entire collection, including magnetic media.

PDF, 192KB

Circulation Accessories

3M™ Circulation Accessories

3M™ Circulation Accessories

3M provides a wide range of solutions that safely and completely turn 3M™ Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips on and off. With accessories designed specifically for print and non-print media, we help enhance security and increase productivity so you can provide customers with the level of service they expect.

PDF, 154KB