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Metal Working

3M adhesive solutions allow the assembly of metals, alloys, plastics together with a high level of performance and durability. These adhesive solutions can be used as substitute for many traditional methods such as mechanical fastening or welding. They simplify application methodology, reduce or eliminate finishing operations, reduce corrosion issues and provide greater flexibility in improving manufacturing process. 3M has also developed masking and protection tape solutions responding to enhance your work efficiency and competitiveness.

Metal Working


Bonding and Sealing Solutions

3M Scotch-Weld Cyanoacrylate Adhesives range offer high performance bonding solutions for rubber, metal, plastic, wood, ceramic and many other substrate combinations. 3M Scotch-Weld Anaerobic Adhesive range offers a wide variety of technical solutions for threadlocking, thread sealing, retaining cylindrical parts, pipe sealing and gasketing. 3M Anaerobic Adhesives/Sealants prevent leakage, vibration loosening and corrosion in the joint.

Assembly of skins and stiffeners

3M range of VHB double coated acrylic foam tapes is used to assemble many substrates, with high mechanical performance, maintaining their aesthetics. VHB tapes can be used before or after powder coating process. They are durable and resistant to chemical attacks, resulting in reliable assemblies, without altering metal sheets or damaging their coating and are also providing noise reduction benefits.

Structural Bonding

3M has a wide range of adhesives offering very high mechanical performance used to perform structural assemblies which can withstand high mechanical stress (up 400Kg/cm ²) and resist exposure to chemicals for long periods. 3M EPX adhesives allow easy assembly of metals, plastics, and glass on themselves or on other substrates.

Waterproof and flexible assembly

3M Hybrid sealants are used for assembly and sealing operations. Their high flexibility and gap filling ability allow them to reinforce mechanical fastening operations. Being environmental friendly, these Hybrid adhesive sealants perform assemblies and joints, reducing vibration and metal fatigue.


Protection during painting operations

3M polyester tapes backed by a silicone adhesive, are used for applications at high temperatures (200 °C on average), for example in powder coating process. Their high mechanical strength allows easy masking during the process and leave no adhesive residue after powder coating. For other high temperature requirements on complex surfaces, 3M 855 is available to give you conformability and adhesive formulation without silicone.


Temporary protection of surfaces

3M Protective tapes are designed to remove cleanly, even after storage, outdoor use and exposure to UV. 3M also has a range of protective films specifically for laser cutting, allowing faster and safer cutting.


Equipment maintenance

3M Scotch-Weld Anaerobic Adhesive range offers a wide variety of technical solutions for threadlocking, thread sealing, retaining cylindrical parts, pipe sealing and gasketing. The product range was developed to allow repairs to be carried out quickly with the minimum downtime for production equipment.

To discuss any of these applications or your specific requirements please contact us