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Casting Accessories

A range of casting accessories designed to be compatible with synthetic tapes and Plaster of Paris for ease of application and removal, providing improved patient comfort and cast protection.

3M™ Adheban™ Cast Edging Tape

This elastic latex free adhesive tape offers excellent conformability which makes it ideal for finishing cast edges. It is available in single rolls, 3cm x 2.5m from NHS Supply Chain. More information at:

3M™ Cast Shoes

Available in an open canvas style with a range of sizes, 3M Cast Shoes are designed to protect casts and improve the patient’s gait. More information at:

3M™ Microfoam™ Surgical Tape

A self adhesive foam tape which can be used for the protection of bony prominences. Highly conformable, hypoallergenic, multi-directional stretch and waterproof. More information at:

3M™ Scotchcast™ Longuette

Scotchcast Longuette provides three layers of synthetic casting tape providing added strength where needed. Each reinforcing strip is pre-cut and layered in a pouch for easy application. More information at:

3M™ Soft Cast Accessories

A range of webbing, buckles, pin buttons, velcro and Soft Cast scissors used in the manufacture of removable casts, splints and functional braces. More information at:

3M™ Synthetic Stockinette

This fine knit, ribbed polyester stockinette offers optimum coverage and conformability. It is suitable for use in conjunction with padding for Plaster of Paris and synthetic casts and splints. More information at:

3M™ Synthetic Under-Cast Padding

This padding is made of non-woven polyester which is porous, highly conformable and easy to tear. It is suitable for use with all casting materials and is ideal for close contact casting. More information at:

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