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3M™ Tegaderm™ Absorbent Clear Acrylic Dressing

Tegaderm Absorbent is new-to-the-world technology The patented absorbent acrylic pad is encased between a top layer of breathable Tegaderm film and a bottom layer of perforated Tegaderm film that features a unique moist skin adhesive.

3M™ Tegaderm™ Absorbent Clear Acrylic Dressing is new-to-the world technology – the next generation dressing that enables clinicians to monitor pressure ulcers, skin tears and other moderately exuding wounds without changing the dressing.
A Clear Advantage

Tegaderm absorbent clear acrylic dressing
  • Transparent, allowing for constant visualisation of the wound
  • Fewer dressing changes - aiding healing with less disturbance of wound bed and reducing patient pain
  • Patients can shower with dressing in place
  • Provides excellent healing rates while increasing patient comfort
  • Promotes an ideal environment for re-epithelialisation
  • Reduces the risk of infection due to protection against bacterial and viral contamination
  • Saves clinical time

Indications for use

Low to moderately exuding acute wounds:
  • Skin graft donor sites
  • Skin tears and pre-tibial lacerations
  • First (superficial thickness) and second (partial thickness) degree burns and abrasions
  • Post-operative wounds

Hospital Packaging

Order No. NHS Code Size
of acrylic pad
Total size Dressings/
90800 oval EKH023 3.8 x 5.7cm 7.6 x 9.5cm 5
90801 oval EKH024 6.0 x 7.5cm 11.1 x 12.7cm 5
90802 square EKH025 10.1 x 10.1cm 14.9 x 15.2cm 5
90803 oval EKH022 8.5 x 10.7cm 14.2 x 15.8cm 5
90805 square EKH027 14.9 x 15.2cm 20.0 x 20.3cm 5
90807 sacral EKH026 11.6 x 14.5cm 16.8 x 19.0cm 5
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