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3M™ Medipore™ Surgical Tape

3M™ Medipore™ Surgical Tape is a latex free, soft, hypoallergenic, conformable tape with 'easy-tear' perforations.

With 'easy-tear' perforations approximately every 5cm, 3M™ Medipore™ Surgical Tape can be torn quickly to size with no need for scissors! The tape is highly conformable to body contours. Its moderate stretch accommodates a degree of swelling or movement without skin trauma. Hypoallergenic 3M™ Medipore™ Surgical Tape has excellent adhesion but is gentle enough to use on fragile skin. Porous and breathable, it offers improved patient comfort. Available in 6 sizes.
 Indications for Use
  • Securing large dressing pads
  • Securing acute dressings on fragile skin or curved sites
  • Securing tubing and lightweight medical devices
  • Securing post-operative dressings

 Successful Application & Removal

  • Apply tape evenly to clean, dry surface
  • Position and press down from centre outwards
  • Maximise adhesion by firmly rubbing or pressing tape backing
  • Never apply tape under tension. This may induce blistering or skin tearing


  • Loosen tape ends
  • Remove tape in direction of hair growth. Keep tape close to skin surface and slowly pull tape back
  • Support skin throughout removal
 3M™ Medipore™ Surgical Tape
Cat. No. NSV Code Size Case Contents
Items/Box Boxes/Case
2961 EHR014 2.5cm x 9.14m 24 1 Box
2962 EHR036 5.0cm x 9.14m 12 1 Box
2963 EHR037 7.5cm x 9.14m 12 1 Box
2964 EHR038 10.1cm x 9.14m 12 1 Box
2966 EHR039 15.2cm x 9.14m 12 1 Box
2968 EHR040 20.3cm x 9.14m 6 1 Box
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