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Keep the outside, outside
Keep the outside, outside

The importance of having the right matting cannot be overstated - the most significant source of interior degradation in a commercial building is caused by dirt brought in on the feet of its users. In fact up to 95% of appearance problems on textile floors are caused by tracked-in dirt.

What are the main problems?

If you haven't been involved with specifying entrance matting for your organisation before you can be forgiven for not fully appreciating the number of factors involved in weighing up the best solution. Here are just a few that you should consider:

  • 85% of dirt and moisture enters a building on the shoes of its users
  • 0.58 grams enters per person on a dry day, ten times more when its wet
  • 500 daily crossings of an office entrance generate around 75kg of dirt annually costing €50,000 to remove
  • A building's entrance is where many people make an instant judgement on the credibility and business approach of an organisation

So what's The Solution?