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Restaurant cleanliness 'central to awards success'

Category : Market Place News

30 January 2013

Picking up awards is hugely important in the restaurant trade, as it helps establishments raise their profile, attract new customers and back up their claims of brilliance.

As such, it is no surprise to see a popular awards scheme in Wales is set to return over the coming weeks. The South Wales Echo has told how its annual Food Awards are back up and running and it wants people to recommend eateries that should be considered for one of its prestigious titles.

Owners of restaurants and pubs have grown to value the prizes greatly and this year there will be ten categories up for grabs. These include the best general restaurant, Italian, sandwich bar, fish and chip shop, food pub/bar and coffee shop.

It seems almost any business that serves food or drink can put itself in the running for the relevant award. Should they win, they will find their reputation among local people is likely to soar, which can only be good for business.

However, it is worth remembering that certain standards must be met before any firm can be considered for a title. The newspaper confirmed it will not be looking at any venues that were scored either zero or one star out of five in their most recent Food Standards Agency inspection.

This highlights the importance of cleanliness and hygiene and how these results can put a restaurant in a strong position for the future. Investing in the best cleaning products is a wise step by such organisations, as these will allow them to maintain tidy premises.

There are even two brand new categories for establishments to compete for this year, with the introduction of the best Chinese and Thai food providers confirmed.

It may well turn out to be those that have prioritised hygiene that stand the greatest chance of succeeding in the prestigious awards scheme, potentially setting them up for a period of long-term success on the back of an enhanced reputation and positive publicity.

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