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Clean-up project delights council residents in Essex


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Arm’s length management organisations (ALMOs) have led a revolution in the management of council housing in the UK since they were established in 2002. There are now 69 of them, managing more than one million council homes across 65 local authorities. One such body, St George’s Community Housing in Essex, received excellent feedback recently from residents and community groups for its on-going community clean-up project, undertaken with Pinnacle PSG (+44 (0) 20 7017 2000).

Two estates in particular have received significant praise: Laindon’s Lee Chapel North and Keats Way in Wickford, whose communal areas were given a complete deep clean. Local resident Annie Carter from Wickford, said: “During the deep clean the operatives were courteous and thorough and the end result was absolutely fabulous. The entrance halls and stairs look completely different, coloured tiles are now exposed due to the fantastic cleaning!”

John Mckay, a resident of Lee Chapel North estate, who is also a tenant representative for the community, was impressed by the efforts made by Pinnacle’s efforts in a clothes-drying area in the sheltered scheme. The communal area was weather-beaten with moss and damp before it was rescued by a deep clean, and now it is back in business.

John said: “Residents were unable to use the drying areas in there because they were weather-beaten and filthy. Now after Pinnacle came along and gave it a deep clean people are able to use the areas and it’s made a massive difference.”

Mandie Skeat, area housing services manager for St George’s Community Housing, says: “We’re committed to ensuring our estates provide bright, enjoyable and useful places for communities to come together. We’re absolutely delighted with the response to Pinnacle PSG’s work in the area.”

Matt Foulger, Senior Contracts Manager for Pinnacle PSG, adds: “It was great to receive such positive feedback from the residents while we were undertaking the clean-up as well as afterwards. Our team decided that two areas in particular needed a deeper clean and so undertook this while the additional clean-up was under way –saving time and costs.”


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