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Scotch-Brite™ Surface Preparation Pads

Scotch-Brite™ Surface Preparation Pads (SSP) are premium quality floor stripping pads that strip and prepare a wide variety of floors, using just a neutral detergent or simply water. They also lift stains and tackles hard-to-clean floors with a deeper clean than black pad, without the harshness or scratches.
  • Improve productivity - faster than any black pad
  • Prepares wood, vinyl tile, sheet vinyl, marble, terrazzo and concrete floors for finish applications.
  • Usable on any floor polishing machine
  • Improve safety - no slippery residue from stripper, no stripper cleanup, no chemical contamination
  • No chemical strippers needed - just neutral cleaner or water
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10 Results (Displaying results 1-10)
3M IDMarketplace Formal NameCenter HoleCenter Hole DiameterDiameterDiameter (Imperial)Machine Speed
70005012177Scotch-Brite™ SPP12 Brown Surface Preparation Pads (305 mm, 10/Box)Yes3.375 Inch305 mm12 Inch150-400 RPM
70071413994Scotch-Brite™ SPP13 Brown Surface Preparation Pads (330 mm, 10/Box)Yes3.375 Inch330 mm13 Inch150-400 RPM
70071414000Scotch-Brite™ SPP14 Brown Surface Preparation Pads (355 mm, 10/Box)Yes3.375 Inch355 mm14 Inch150-400 RPM
70071159316Scotch-Brite™ SPP15 Brown Surface Preparation Pads (380 mm, 10/Box)Yes380 mm15 Inch150-400 RPM
70071156825Scotch-Brite™ SPP16 Brown Surface Preparation Pads (406 mm, 10/Box)Yes406 mm16 Inch150-400 RPM
70005018182Scotch-Brite™ SPP17 Brown Surface Preparation Pads (432 mm, 10/Box)Yes3.375 Inch432 mm17 Inch150-400 RPM
70005021673Scotch-Brite™ SPP18 Brown Surface Preparation Pads (460 mm, 10/Box)Yes3.375 Inch460 mm18 Inch150-400 RPM
70005021665Scotch-Brite™ SPP19 Brown Surface Preparation Pads (480 mm, 10/Box)Yes480 mm19 Inch150-400 RPM
70071159324Scotch-Brite™ SPP20 Brown Surface Preparation Pads (505 mm, 10/Box)Yes3.375 Inch505 mm20 Inch150-400 RPM
70005025682Scotch-Brite™ SPP4 Brown Surface Preparation Pads (118 mm x 254 mm, 20/Box)No118 mm4.6 Inch
10 Results (Displaying results 1-10)



 Brand‎‎ Scotch-Brite™
 Machine Speed‎‎ 150-400 RPM
 Material‎‎ Non-Woven Fibre
 Product Type‎‎ Stripping Pads,‎ Scrubbing Pads
 Shape‎‎ Round,‎ Rectangular
 Size‎‎ 406 mm,‎ 505 mm,‎ 460 mm,‎ 355 mm,‎ 432 mm,‎ 305 mm,‎ 380 mm,‎ 330 mm,‎ 118 mm x 254 mm,‎ 480 mm
 Surface Type‎‎ Resilient,‎ Stone,‎ Wood
 Thickness‎‎ 7.6 mm
 Thickness (Imperial)‎‎ 0.3,‎ 0.3 Inch
 Typical Application‎‎ Heavy Duty Cleaning,‎ Floor Stripping,‎ Gentle Stripping