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Scotchgard™ Where to Find Scotchgard™ Protector Products, Find out more

7 Year Warranty

Peace of mind with Scotchgard

The best way to be certain your carpet will be protected is to look for the Scotchgard™ Protector 7 Year Stain Protection Warranty label. This label lets you know that you will be receiving all the benefits of Scotchgard™ Protector.

  • Stains will clean up easier.
  • Dirt will vacuum up easier.
  • Carpets will look good longer.
  • Owner’s Manual and Carpet Care Guide included with carpet purchase.
  • Personalised stain-removal assistance through the Customer Service Office. (see details on your warranty brochure).

Scotchgard™ 7 Year Warranty

No more worries about permanent stains on your carpet. You will be helped through the entire warranty period to remove stains caused by typical household substances.

  • A freephone helpline provides comprehensive advice on how to remove stains.
  • For stubborn stains which don’t respond to our advice, a professional cleaning team will be sent to your home.
  • In the unlikely event that the professionals cannot remove the stain to your satisfaction, a brand new carpet will be provided.

That’s what we call true peace of mind.

Terms of warranty

The carpet manufacturer will replace and reinstall at its own expense any portion of a carpet which does not prove to be stain repellant under the Scotchgard™ Protector 7 Year Stain Protection Warranty. The rectification is subject to the following limitations and exclusions and is restricted to the replacement of carpet in the room where the stain is located. Costs for moving furnishings during installation will not be accepted.

Definition of 'stain'

'Stain' means a permanent change of more than one unit on the ISO – 105 A03 grey scale, which serves as the basis for assessing discolouration of carpet. The grey scale is an internationally-recognised standard of comparison used for evaluating and assessing change in colour of carpet. This warranty applies exclusively to stains due to common household substances, i.e. all stains caused by food and beverages.

The following are excluded from this warranty:

  • All non-food and non-beverage substances
  • Degradation, discolouration or change in colour of carpet due to normal soiling, wear and tear and foot traffic
  • Stains resulting from improper cleaning method
  • Stains caused by deliberate damage or gross neglect.


The Scotchgard™ Protector 7 Year Stain Protection Warranty applies only to carpets for normal in-home use.

Restriction to original carpet purchaser

The warranty applies only to professionally installed carpet and is not transferable from the original purchaser to anyone else.

Proper care and cleaning

Cleaning and care of the carpet must comply with the recommended care and cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer. The purchaser can carry out all cleaning and care work himself. Appropriate cleaning agents are available from specialist dealers. In addition, cleaning appliances can be hired from most specialist shops.

Installation of new carpet

In the event of the need for replacement, because of permanent stain damage, the manufacturer will supply carpet of comparable cost from the Scotchgard™ Protector 7 Year Stain Protection Warranty range for the defective areas, any further claims being excluded. The carpet will be replaced to the value of 100% in the first year. In the subsequent years (2-4) the value will be reduced by 15% each year and by another 10% in the years after (5-7) effective from purchase date. Claims can be accepted only if accompanied by presentation of this Warranty Certificate, together with the carpet purchase receipt.

This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.