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New brochure available! Be inspired by membrane architecture and download your copy today.

 The hockey-puck-challenge: ETFE vs. Glass

Find out if a 0.2 mm thick ETFE film can hold a hockey puck. See for yourself why this material is an advantageous alternative to glass in architecture.


Architectural elegance and optimum energy efficiency were the two main goals pursued in the expansion of the World Trade Organization building complex in the heard of Geneva. The inner courtyard of the Centre William Rappart received a domed roof made of high-performance 3M Dyneon ETFE. | Photo: © WTO


Kiev's olympic stadium, originally built in 1923, underwent a complete renovation for the soccer world championship 2012. 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoropolymers were the materials of choice for the roofing membranes. | Photo: Marcus Bredt

 3M Dyneon PTFE Micropowder in plastic container

PTFE micropowders produced by Dyneon GmbH have excellent non-stick and friction properties as well as an almost universal chemical resistance. They are often used as additives to plastic, printing inks and coatings.

 Chemical Olympians as Guests at Dyneon

Dyneon GmbH in Burgkirchen held the state qualifying round of the Chemical Olympics. Twenty-nine young people from all over Bavaria gained impressions of the daily business of a global chemical company.

 3M and DSM to meet with lightweight construction experts

When the lightweight design experts meet in spring 2013, both 3M and DSM will be present as exhibitors to showcase their new material combination of Stanyl polyamide 46 and 3M Dyneon Fluoroelastomers: at the lightweight design conference (“Leichtbau-Gipfel”) of Automobil Industrie specialist magazine, which will take place in Wuerzburg on February 26-27, and at the Association of German Engineers’ (VDI) conference on “Plastics in Automotive Engineering” being held in Mannheim on March 13-14.

 Mountain station of the Gaislachkogl cable car with a foil construction of extruded 3M Dyneon ETFE. | Photo: © Bergbahnen Sölden, A. Niederstrasser.

Fluoropolymer material for architectural applications remains durable even under extreme conditions - as can be seen in the stations of the Gaislachkogl cable car in the Ötztal Alps with their roof constructions made of foils from 3M Dyneon ETFE. | Photo: © Bergbahnen Sölden, A. Niederstrasser


In this video, 3M demonstrates the characteristics and extraordinary behaviour of its high-performance plastic Dyneon PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) material. In contrast to conventional plastics, the material can withstand temperatures of up to 375 degrees Celsius. Rather than melt, PTFE behaves elastically and the video shows how it can be made into different shapes nonetheless.


The capacity increase of 3M's Decatur plant for fluoroelastomer and polymer processing additives in the US state of Alabama is expected to complete in the second quarter of 2013.


The cooperation between DSM and Dyneon achieves the combination of fluorelastomers and polyamide in a two component injection moulding process to support lightweight automotive construction.


Simplifications in customs procedures for international deliveries will make it easier to handle future customer orders.


Dresden Castle's inner courtyard was transformed into an atrium by a lightweight, transparent roof made with 3M™ Dyneon™ ETFE. | Photo: Richard Huber


New brochure available! Would you like to see convenience and quality working hand in hand?


New brochures available! Read all about the fluoropolymers that protect your investment!


During the Achema 2012 show in Frankfurt we had undertaken a lottery at our booth. Join us in congratulating the lucky winners!


New brochures available! Extend the service life of your equipment with 3M™ Dyneon™ TFM™ Modified PTFE.


We have used the official opening of our new fluorothermoplastics plant in Burgkirchen, Germany to explain what we do and introduce our future plans in the form of a short video. (Only available in German)


EUR 60 million investment in new production capacity for fluorothermoplastics creates 40 jobs in Burgkirchen, Germany


Until now, there has not been an effective method for recycling fluoroplastic material or associated fluoropolymer waste. We are going to change that with the help of the Federal Environment Ministry.


Environmental protection concerns society as a whole. We offer answers in an environmental statement to the following questions: What does Dyneon manufacture? Does manufacture ensure responsible handling of the environment? What are Dyneon's environmental programme and environmental targets?


"To preserve and to protect" - a coating of 3M™ Dyneon™ PTFE will preserve the luminescent white colouring and protect the weight-bearing glass fibre fabric of the roof- and facade-construction of the new “Rhine-Gallery” shopping mall in Ludwigshafen for decades. Photo: ECE


Dyneon started, as the first manufacturer worldwide, to produce its entire fluoropolymer portfolio without using Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), and completed the conversion of its processes by the end of 2008.


Technical fabrics are becoming more and more important in architecture and other technological areas of application. Textiles with fluoropolymer surfaces provide significant advantages.


First came retention and recycling technologies for the emusifier PFOA, next we completely replaced PFOA in fluoropolymer manufacture seven years ahead of the voluntary industry agreement, now we are proud to introduce a patented method to recycle fluoropolymers to full-value monomers which flow back into the production process.

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