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Why 3M?

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Innovative Solutions – from static to dynamic

3M have an extensive range of brand communication; decoration and protection products that provide high quality, striking visual solutions that aid the brand identity process.

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Customised colours and constructions

3M can make various visual solutions designed for the specific needs of brand owners. From varying levels of diffusion and gloss to non-standard material dimensions - we have a solution for all brands.

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‘Matched Component System’ Warranty programme

3M allows brand owners to easily choose the right material components for the finished sign, livery or graphic, ensuring that all elements are designed for optimal performance. This provides a guarantee of quality and a real peace of mind.

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Global Reach

3M enable brand owners operating on a trans-international basis to ensure consistency and compliance by working with the global network of 3M local commercial teams who operate on a well-organised business model.

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Local Presence

3M has commercial teams in over 100 countries organised and managed through a regional and global structure. Such an approach enables 3M to talk globally about brand strategy, whilst attending to small details of installation locally.

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Technical Service

3M has regional and local teams of trained technical service engineers with expertise in signage, optical technologies, printing, construction, lighting, transportation graphics, building sustainability and many more.

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Central and Local logistics

3M manufactures its material solutions in various centralised global locations, but also focuses its effort on making solutions easily available in all local countries. This enables 3M to work effectively with both centralised and localised branding programmes.

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Energy-saving solutions

As part of its range of solutions to brand owners, 3M offers some material technologies that not only cover customer safety, security and hygiene, but also help them with savings in cost, time, human resource and energy consumption.

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Sustainability focus

3M believes that active and responsible citizenship can make a successful company even stronger. We continuously reiterate our commitment to sustainable development through environmental protection, social responsibility and economic progress. We pledge to help meet the needs of society today, whilst respecting the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

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Authorised network of manufacturers and installers

Local 3M teams have developed technically trained channel sign and graphics manufacturers in all countries. These teams are capable of both making and installing brand solutions on site with a high degree of quality.

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Partnership and confidentiality

3M like to work in partnership with brands to develop a deep understanding of needs so we can provide an effective solution. Such a role is dependent on both confidentiality and trust - values that 3M people take very seriously.

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Dedicated regional and local account manager network

3M understand that brand owners want to have a simple communication structure especially on trans-international programmes, where both co-ordination and communication are paramount. Consequently, all brand owners have a dedicated Customer Manager working on their business.

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Architectural and Design service support

3M can work together with creative agency suppliers on behalf of brand owners. Our creative experts in this area have specific skills that enable them to relate to clients more easily.

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