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Best Western Copenhagen refurbishes guestroom interiors with 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes.

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Bottom Photo One

Bottom Photo One

Best Western, the American hospitality brand has had to find an effective method to refurbish, maintain and upgrade the interiors of its hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark. Faced with the prospect of refurbishing all of the guest rooms and, in particular, the baggage storage tables in the rooms some of which were extremely worn and in need of a makeover, the Brand team opened an initial dialogue with an approved converter of 3M who suggested the idea of using 3M™ Di-Noc™.

A remarkably quick decision was taken by the project team, following a full demonstration and sampling, by the 3M team, of 3M™ Di-Noc™ Architectural Finishes, which combine self-adhesive and conformability features, with an aesthetically appealing and convincing gravure, embossed wood effect design.

The beauty of using 3M™ Di-Noc™ wood grain finishes was that significant project costs could be saved by simply covering the existing surfaces, rather than removing the tables, leaving damaged wall fixings and installing new furniture. Downtime was reduced, health and safety arrangements were far less, as there was less, noise, smell, use of chemicals. Wastage was at a minimum as was handling and transport.

The Best Western project team were satisfied that 3M had helped to provide them with a suitable solution, based on their specific and immediate needs.