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Pimp my MINI!

Bottom Photo One

Bottom Photo One

Bottom Photo One

Deloitte, with more than 2300 employees and 14 offices the largest professional service provider in Belgium, welcomed in August, during an event at Tour & Taxis, 340 school leavers who will start working for the company from September. At the end of the day the new employees were provided with a Deloitte company car to drive to all corners of the country: a unique initiative in Belgium.

This company car, a MINI, is for the many young employees a fun vehicle. But it is not only a fun vehicle, it also stands out! The original prototypes were blue MINIs with a green roof and green mirror caps. In the end this design was changed and only the green mirror caps on the blue car were kept.

With this personalised, original and striking approach the vehicles stand out in traffic.

In the end 575 MINIs were fitted out like this, resulting in high visibility for Deloitte!