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In France, EDF launches new 3M Vikuiti™ Rear Projection Screens in their retail stores.

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Following a recommendation from their design agency, Raison Pure 100, EDF selected 3M Vikuiti™ Rear Projection Film for a series of digital signage screens for new interior concept of their retail stores. This new method of in-store communication has met with approval from both employees and customers.

In June 2009, EDF opened the first of a new generation of retail stores in Nice, designed to make customers feel more welcome. With a totally new look, the store looked to differentiate itself from competition through the use of an innovative video projection system focusing on passers-by in addition to existing customers and in-store visitors.

The 3M Vikuiti™ rear projection film was selected as the solution for rear projection in a 3 metre x 2 metre screen format, applied onto a 4 metre x 3 metre glass panel. Short videos are projected non- stop, displaying institutional messages, examples of best practices and promotions on new utility solutions. EDF staff believe that the new 3M Vikuiti™ rear projection film provides a valuable sales tool to assist in customer communications.

The 3M Vikuiti™ Rear Projection Film was initially tested in a key retail store in Paris in early 2008, in a “prototype” store which is being used as a training centre.

“The experiment having been convincing, we have decided to progressively roll out the concept to our network of stores. It will play a key role for their animation and will promote a modern image of our company. We will produce 4 different video programmes per year”

Charles Fouin, national manager for EDF stores’ advertising budget