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3M™ Lighting Management

At 3M, we can help make your lighting concepts a reality. Our light guides and lens products create stunning effects quickly and easily, with low tooling costs and reduced prototype development time.

To find out if 3M light guides or lens products could benefit your automotive manufacturing process, talk to us about your lighting plans.

3M™ Lightstring™ Light Guide

3M™ Lightstring™ Light Guide

3M Lightstring Light Guide allow you to create customised, stylish interior lighting effects without the need for expensive tooling. They are easy to handle and quick to integrate – giving you the opportunity to generate convincing demonstration concepts almost in an instant, and reducing manufacturing time for production vehicles.

  • Available in 6.3mm or 3.5mm diameter,
  • Cylindrical shape diffuses light to create an even glow along the entire length of the light guide,
  • Roll good format can be cut to size by 3M or as part of the automotive manufacturing process.
3M™ Uniform Lighting Lens (ULL)

3M™ Uniform Lighting Lens

The 3M Uniform Lighting Lens (ULL) provides new-to-the-world optical technology for LED illuminated tail lamps. Its unique light delivery system incorporates a precision-engineered, micro patterned polycarbonate that disperses even illumination when used as an inner lens in rear lamps. The hollow mixing cavity enables the creation of lightweight, signature designs with a thin profile and reduced LED content. The thermo-formable, automotive grade polycarbonate can be moulded into custom shapes, with reduced system complexity.

  • Lens construction allows for design flexibility,
  • Reduced LED content improves energy efficiency,
  • Micro-patterned lens improves light output uniformity,
  • Reduced weight and package space for more efficient manufacturing,
  • Reduces prototype design cycle time.

Beyond lighting

We are more than just lighting. The team at 3M has vast experience working with customers in the automotive industry and can help deliver a customised, end-to-end solution for modern manufacturing challenges. For more information or to speak to a 3M specialist, please Contact Us