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3M™ Interam™ Mat Mounts

3M offers dependable, high-tech solutions for mounting ceramic substrates that are used in emission control devices. 3M™ Interam® Mat Mounts can be designed to handle temperatures up to 1,000°C, compensate for the extreme differences in the expansion of metal and ceramics, and protect the substrates from shocks and vibrations when the catalytic converter is in use.

With over 40 years of industry knowledge and experience we have technical & sales support and know how in helping you in your design. Our laboratories and broad range of test equipment ensure that we are able to offer advanced technical support, including in-house, customer-specific test rigs that enable us to evaluate products and systems even under extreme conditions.

Trust Interam™ Trust 3M

For specific information on 3M Interam Mat Mount products, visit our Datasheets area.

3M™ Interam™ Mat Mounts


Mat Mounts are used in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Automobiles,
  • Light-duty trucks,
  • Medium- and heavy-duty diesel engine vehicles,
  • Stationary engines,
  • Marine engines,
  • Motorcycles.

The entire Interam™ product line includes expanding mat mounts, pure fibre mats and hybrid versions for use in catalytic converters and diesel filters.

There are three general types of 3M™ Interam® Mats:

  • Intumescent mats expand with heat providing pressure to hold monoliths.
  • Non-intumescent mats are non-heat expanding and maintain holding pressure through the resiliency of the fibre.
  • Hybrid mats combine the best features of intumescent and nonintumescent mats to create mats to meet specific application requirements.

Customer Benefits

The family of 3M™ Interam brand products is a comprehensive product portfolio encompassing solutions for all ranges of temperature and application needs encountered in a catalytic converter.

Some primary features of these Interam brand products include the capability to:

  • Hold the coated monolith in place despite substantial differences in the thermal expansion of the monolith and the metal can.
  • Cushion the monolith from road shock and vibration.
  • Seal the monolith perimeter to prevent exhaust gas bypass.
  • Maintain mounting and insulating system durability.
  • Provide thermal insulation which:
    • Lowers the outside temperature of the catalytic converter.
    • Reduces the radial thermal gradient in the ceramic monolith, increasing the internal temperature and conversion efficiency.

Find out how you could benefit

The team at 3M has vast experience working with customers in the automotive industry and can help deliver a customised, end-to-end solution for modern manufacturing challenges. For more information or to speak to a 3M specialist, please Contact Us

For specific details of 3M Interam Mat Mounts, you can download a datasheet