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Match existing attenuation levels while reducing component costs, logistics costs and weight.

 3M Thinsulate

Working with a premium vehicle manufacturer to manage powertrain noise, 3M used its Thinsulate material to match existing attenuation levels while reducing component costs, logistics costs and weight. The move to Thinsulate also ensured easy recycling at end of vehicle life and the weight saving contributed to emissions reductions, both from the vehicle exhaust and throughout the supply chain.

The Challenge:

Delivering value is important at every level of the industry. When a manufacturer of premium vehicles reviewed ways of reducing costs without in any way compromising quality or refinement, it invited 3M to propose a superior solution for an under bonnet acoustic pack. The challenge was to provide a significant cost saving while protecting the high levels of refinement with which the marque was synonymous.

The Solution:

The acoustic absorption coefficient of 3M Thinsulate is higher than many competitor products throughout the relevant frequency range. This allows vehicle engineers to choose an appropriate blend of benefits, typically achieving a reduction in material volume while still enhancing acoustic performance and reducing both weight and cost.

In this application, working with 3M allowed the engineering team to reduce the size of the part by 40 percent while still meeting the high standards required by the vehicle manufacturer. A very high yield was achieved from the bulk material, further reducing cost and waste, and the smaller parts allowed more efficient storage and transportation. The move to Thinsulate also ensured easy recycling at end of vehicle life.

Benefits of 3M Thinsulate

Weight reduction – weight can be reduced with no reduction in performance, when compared with felt, foam and polyester materials.

Effective isolation – 3M Thinsulate is easy to compress, allowing simple installation in small cavities that maximises effectiveness by placing the material close to the noise source.

Reduced production costs – as less material is required, production and logistics processes can be simplified and less line-side space is required.

Durable – non-woven structure allows both internal and external use without the need for additional waterproofing.

Waste reduction – can be mechanically attached or fitted using ultrasonic welding, eliminating the need for adhesives and for backing material that must be collected and disposed of.

Easily recycled – polypropylene blend simplifies end-of-life recovery.


  • Interior acoustic packs,
  • In-door acoustic packs,
  • Under-bonnet acoustic packs,
  • Wheel arch liners,
  • HVAC isolation.

Challenge us to save you money

Let 3M undertake a line-walk review with you to identify material cost and efficiency improvements. Thinsulate is well proven and our specialists can demonstrate other manufacturing and cost reduction benefits.

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